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Planning a student field trip?


Planning a Disney class field trip, school trip, educational tour, or student tour? Let Great Adventure Tours experienced staff plan all of your student travel needs.

Known as the “Happiest Place on Earth”… Disney is much more then an enchanted Kingdom of fantasy and imagination… it is an ideal destination for student travel, field trips, Grad Nite or senior trip.

It not only offers classic family-friendly attractions and magical entertainment but it also offers the Disney Y.E.S program, a hands-on learning experience.

The Y.E.S (Disney Youth Education Series) offers educational field trip programs to K-12 grade students . Each program takes the students on an academic journey through the scientific, cultural, creative, or natural exhibits of the Walt Disney World Resort.

Trained Disney Facilitators use a captivating mixture of thought provoking information, hands-on experiences, and fun to involve students in the learning process. Specially designed pre and post program materials make it easy for educators to incorporate Disney Y.E.S. programs into classroom lesson plans.

Grad Nite - You think you and your class knows about Disney excitement? Think again! The Magic Kingdom Park takes on an extreme makeover for students with thrills, live music, incredible entertainment and hot dance clubs. Kick it all night with your favorite music pumpin' all through the park.

At Disney, students seek out adventures, create magical memories with beloved Characters and discover the fun where imagination reigns.

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